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    Placement is based on a number of variables. Some of these are based upon previous study, age, maturity, strength, and technique. All placements are at the discretion of the instructors. It is important that students know that “moving up” is not about “being better.” It is very normal to be in the same class/level in your returning year. New and returning students will be evaluated, and if necessary, be moved to a more appropriate class. Proper placement is to insure the most positive, safe, and beneficial learning environment for the individual.



Baby Dance: Age Walking-3 

Enchanted Dance: Ages 3-5 

Basic: Ages 5 + or students who are in need of review. 

Intermediate: Students age 6+ with understanding of the basic level. 

Level I: Designed for the Elementary level or students with understanding of basic level. Generally Ages 7+.

Level II: Designed for students generally age 9+ with understanding of Level I.

Level III: Designed for ages 11+ with understanding of Level II. 

Level IV: Advanced teens with understanding of Level III. 

Adult/Open: Adults of various levels. 

Zumba/Barre Fitness: Teen to Adults