Studio Rules/Policies


5 Pleasant Street, Laconia, NH 03246 US

We strive, at Stages Dance Academy, to be a professional and positive learning environment for all dancers, parents, and teachers. Thank you for adhering to our rules and policies to make for a happy dance studio and atmosphere. 

  1. No gum chewing, dangly earrings, or necklaces on the dance floor for safety.
  2. No street shoes or water placed on the dance floor.
  3. Students must wear proper dance wear to class to ensure safety and proper alignment.
  4. Store coats, bags, shoes, water in cubbies. Many dance shoes look alike! Please label or initial your child’s shoes and keep them in a dance bag. Dancers are responsible for their own belongings. 
  5. Dancers only to the dressing/changing room. This is not a playroom. 
  6. Parents, siblings, & visitors: Please remain in waiting room so we can have the focus and attention of the dancers. There will be opportunities during the year and parents are welcome to come in and view the dancers progress. 
  7. Dancers: We ask that you keep a positive attitude when you come to class and leave your troubles at the door. Negative attitudes or inappropriate behavior by a student or parent could result in dismissal from class or the studio.
  8. Classes follow the Laconia School District schedule with the exception of parent/teacher conferences and certain holidays. Snow cancellations will be announced on the website or studio facebook by 1pm. If there is no school, there generally is no dance/Zumba for safety of students, parents and teachers. 
  9. If a child needs to leave class early or if a parent of a young dancer leaves to run errands during class times, please let the instructor know at the beginning of class.
  10. Attendance is important for the dancer’s progress and choreography purposes. If you are absent or sick please leave a message at the studio. There are no refunds given for missed classes. Absence due to illness or a snow day, you may make-up in another appropriate level class at discretion of the studio director. Please note that studio holidays and vacations are factored in for the year and do not require a “make-up” day.